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Theological Issues in the Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue 
Autumn 2001 
Niels Christian Hvidt

Theological differences between Orthodox and Catholics are minor in relation to those of other ecclesial confessions. The Seminar aims at providing an overview of the Orthodox-Cath­olic Dialogue and the theological issues that stem from this dialogue. This will be done through the reading of the main meetings between Orthodox and Catholic: Rhodes in 1980 and Munich in 1982, focusing on The Mystery of the Church and Eucharist, Bari in 1987 and the New Valamo Monastery in Finland in 1988, both discussing the Sacrament of Ministry in the Sacramental Structure of the Church and Apostolic Succession, as well as the meeting in Balamand in 1993 on the problem of Uniatism. Personal reflections on the readings will form the foundation of in-class discussions. A final paper will be produced by each participant at the end of the semester.


The statements from Munich, Bari, Valamo and Balamand.

Paul McPartlan. Et ali. ­­(ed). One in 2000? : towards Catholic-Orthodox unity - agreed statements and parish papers. Middlegreen, Kildare: St Pauls, 1993.

Further bibliography provided by Professor in class.


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