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Hvidt Niels, Christian. "Glaube versetzt Berge – Berge versetzen Glauben." Spiritual Care . ISSN: 21933804. (2017)
Publication on De Gruyter 
Nielsen, Bech, Christensen, Kiil, Hvidt. "Risk aversion and religious behaviour: Analysis using a sample of Danish twins." Economics and Human Biology 26. (2017) P: 21-29
Publication at Scopus 
Thygesen LC, Gimsing LN, Bautz A, Hvidt NC, Johans. "Chronic Neurodegenerative Illnesses and Epilepsy in Danish Adventists and Baptists: A Nationwide Cohort Study." Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 56. ISSN: 1387-2877. (2017) P: 1429-1435
Publication on PubMed 
Schrøder, la Cour, Jørgensen, Lamont, Hvidt. "Guilt without Fault – a Qualitative Study into the Ethics of Forgiveness after a Traumatic Childbirth." Social Science and Medicine - Submitted 176. ISSN: 0277-9536. (2017) P: 14-20
Publication on PubMed 
Assing Hvidt, Gilså Hansen, Ammentorp, Bjerrum, Co. "GP-perceived barriers for discussing existential issues with cancer patients – a focus group study." WONCA Europe Conference . (Copenhagen: WONCA Europe, 2016)
Moestrup, Hvidt. "Where is God in my dying? – A qualitative investigation on faith reflections among hospice patients in secularized society." Death Studies . (2016)
Publication on PubMed 
Hvidt, Kappel Kørup, Curlin, Baumann, Frick, Sønde. "The NERSH International Collaboration on Values, Spirituality and Religion in Medicine: Development of Questionnaire, Description of Data Pool, and Overview of Pool Publications.." Religions 7. (2016) P: 107
Publication at epub, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (free full text) 
Hvidt, Hvidtjørn, Christensen, Nielsen, Søndergaar. "Faith Moves Mountains—Mountains Move Faith: Two Opposite Epidemiological Forces in Research on Religion and Health." Journal of Religion and Health . (2016) P: 1-11
Publication on PubMed (free full text) 
Schrøder, Larsen, Jørgensen, Hjelmborg, Lamont, Hv. "Psychosocial Health and Wellbeing among Obstetricians and Midwives Involved in Traumatic Childbirth." Midwifery . (2016)
Publication on PubMed 
Hvidt, Mayr, Paal, Frick, Forsberg, Büssing. "For and against Organ Donation and Transplantation: Intricate Facilitators and Barriers in Organ Donation Perceived by German Nurses and Doctors." Journal of Transplantation 13. (2016)
Publication on PubMed (free full text) 
Kørup, Thygesen, Christensen, Johansen, Søndergaar. "Association between Sexually Transmitted Disease and church membership. A retrospective cohort study of two Danish religious minorities." BMJ Open 6. (2016)
Publication on PubMed (free full text) 
Schrøder, Jørgensen, Lamont, Hvidt. "Blame and guilt – a mixed methods study of obstetricians' and midwives' experiences and existential considerations after involvement in traumatic childbirth." Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica . ISSN: 1600-0412. (2016)
Publication at onlinelibrary (free full text) 
Ahrenfeldt, Lindahl-Jacobsen, Möller, Christensen,. "Differences in Religiousness in Opposite-Sex and Same-Sex Twins in a Secular Society." Twin Research and Human Genetics 19. ISSN: 1839-2628. (2016) P: 35-46
Publication on PubMed (free full text) 
Prinds, Hvidtjorn, Skytthe, Mogensen, Hvidt. "Prayer and meditation among Danish first time mothers - a questionnaire study." BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 16. ISSN: 1471-2393. (2016)
Publication on PubMed (free full text) 
Viftrup, la Cour, Buus, Hvidt. "Religious Transformation Among Danish Pentecostals Following Personal Crisis and Group Psychotherapy: A Qualitative Study." Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health 18. ISSN: 1934-9637. (Routledge, 2016) P: 1-23
Publication at Taylor & Francis online 
Assing Hvidt, Søndergaard, Ammentorp, Bjerrum, Gil. "The existential dimension in general practice: identifying understandings and experiences of general practitioners in Denmark." Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care . ISSN: 0281-3432. (2016) P: 1-9
Publication on PubMed (free full text) 
Schrøder, Jørgensen, Hvidt, la Cour. "Traumatiske fødsler – fra den sundhedsprofessionelles perspektiv." (2016)
Publication on PuRe (Free full text) 
Boelsbjerg, Hvidt, Speck, Gysels, Harding, Selman. "How does culture influence spiritual care provision for advanced disease?." Palliative Medicine . ISSN: 1477-030X. (2015)
Jors, Büssing, Hvidt, Baumann. "Personal Prayer in Patients Dealing with Chronic Illness: A Review of the Research Literature." Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine . (2015) P: 12
Publication on PubMed (free full text) 
Christiansen, Schmidt, Johansen, Ross, Hvidt, Thyg. "Risk for cardiovascular disease among Seventh-day Adventists and Baptists in Denmark, 1977–2009." International Journal of Cardiology 185. ISSN: 0167-5273. (2015) P: 133-135
Publication at Sciencedirect  Publication at International Journal of Cardiology 
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