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Hvidt Niels, Christian. "Glaube versetzt Berge – Berge versetzen Glauben." Spiritual Care . ISSN: 21933804. (2017)
Publication on De Gruyter 
Nielsen, Bech, Christensen, Kiil, Hvidt. "Risk aversion and religious behaviour: Analysis using a sample of Danish twins." Economics and Human Biology 26. (2017) P: 21-29
Publication at Scopus 
Thygesen LC, Gimsing LN, Bautz A, Hvidt NC, Johans. "Chronic Neurodegenerative Illnesses and Epilepsy in Danish Adventists and Baptists: A Nationwide Cohort Study." Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 56. ISSN: 1387-2877. (2017) P: 1429-1435
Publication on PubMed 
Schrøder, la Cour, Jørgensen, Lamont, Hvidt. "Guilt without Fault – a Qualitative Study into the Ethics of Forgiveness after a Traumatic Childbirth." Social Science and Medicine - Submitted 176. ISSN: 0277-9536. (2017) P: 14-20
Publication on PubMed 
Assing Hvidt, Gilså Hansen, Ammentorp, Bjerrum, Co. "GP-perceived barriers for discussing existential issues with cancer patients – a focus group study." WONCA Europe Conference . (Copenhagen: WONCA Europe, 2016)
Moestrup, Hvidt. "Where is God in my dying? – A qualitative investigation on faith reflections among hospice patients in secularized society." Death Studies . (2016)
Publication on PubMed 
Hvidt, Kappel Kørup, Curlin, Baumann, Frick, Sønde. "The NERSH International Collaboration on Values, Spirituality and Religion in Medicine: Development of Questionnaire, Description of Data Pool, and Overview of Pool Publications.." Religions 7. (2016) P: 107
Publication at epub, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (free full text) 
Hvidt, Hvidtjørn, Christensen, Nielsen, Søndergaar. "Faith Moves Mountains—Mountains Move Faith: Two Opposite Epidemiological Forces in Research on Religion and Health." Journal of Religion and Health . (2016) P: 1-11
Publication on PubMed (free full text) 
Schrøder, Larsen, Jørgensen, Hjelmborg, Lamont, Hv. "Psychosocial Health and Wellbeing among Obstetricians and Midwives Involved in Traumatic Childbirth." Midwifery . (2016)
Publication on PubMed 
Hvidt, Mayr, Paal, Frick, Forsberg, Büssing. "For and against Organ Donation and Transplantation: Intricate Facilitators and Barriers in Organ Donation Perceived by German Nurses and Doctors." Journal of Transplantation 13. (2016)
Publication on PubMed (free full text) 
Kørup, Thygesen, Christensen, Johansen, Søndergaar. "Association between Sexually Transmitted Disease and church membership. A retrospective cohort study of two Danish religious minorities." BMJ Open 6. (2016)
Publication on PubMed (free full text) 
Schrøder, Jørgensen, Lamont, Hvidt. "Blame and guilt – a mixed methods study of obstetricians' and midwives' experiences and existential considerations after involvement in traumatic childbirth." Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica . ISSN: 1600-0412. (2016)
Publication at onlinelibrary (free full text) 
Ahrenfeldt, Lindahl-Jacobsen, Möller, Christensen,. "Differences in Religiousness in Opposite-Sex and Same-Sex Twins in a Secular Society." Twin Research and Human Genetics 19. ISSN: 1839-2628. (2016) P: 35-46
Publication on PubMed (free full text) 
Prinds, Hvidtjorn, Skytthe, Mogensen, Hvidt. "Prayer and meditation among Danish first time mothers - a questionnaire study." BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 16. ISSN: 1471-2393. (2016)
Publication on PubMed (free full text) 
Viftrup, la Cour, Buus, Hvidt. "Religious Transformation Among Danish Pentecostals Following Personal Crisis and Group Psychotherapy: A Qualitative Study." Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health 18. ISSN: 1934-9637. (Routledge, 2016) P: 1-23
Publication at Taylor & Francis online 
Assing Hvidt, Søndergaard, Ammentorp, Bjerrum, Gil. "The existential dimension in general practice: identifying understandings and experiences of general practitioners in Denmark." Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care . ISSN: 0281-3432. (2016) P: 1-9
Publication on PubMed (free full text) 
Schrøder, Jørgensen, Hvidt, la Cour. "Traumatiske fødsler – fra den sundhedsprofessionelles perspektiv." (2016)
Publication on PuRe (Free full text) 
Boelsbjerg, Hvidt, Speck, Gysels, Harding, Selman. "How does culture influence spiritual care provision for advanced disease?." Palliative Medicine . ISSN: 1477-030X. (2015)
Jors, Büssing, Hvidt, Baumann. "Personal Prayer in Patients Dealing with Chronic Illness: A Review of the Research Literature." Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine . (2015) P: 12
Publication on PubMed (free full text) 
Christiansen, Schmidt, Johansen, Ross, Hvidt, Thyg. "Risk for cardiovascular disease among Seventh-day Adventists and Baptists in Denmark, 1977–2009." International Journal of Cardiology 185. ISSN: 0167-5273. (2015) P: 133-135
Publication at Sciencedirect  Publication at International Journal of Cardiology 
Büssing, Wirth, Reiser, Zahn, Humbroich et al. "Experience of gratitude, awe and beauty in life among patients with multiple sclerosis and psychiatric disorders." Health & Quality of Life Outcomes 12, 63. (2014)
On-Line Publication (free full text) 
Moestrup, Hvidt, Ploug Hansen. ""Hun forsvinder ikke" : et kvalitativt studie af døende patienters og pårørendes overvejelser om en fortsat relation efter døden." Klinisk Sygepleje 4. (2014) P: 62-78
Publication at National Research Database  Publication on 
Gimsing, Johansen, Bautz, Hvidt, Thygesen. "Chronic neurodegenerative illnesses in Danish Adventists and Baptists. A nationwide cohort study." Neurology . (2014)
Rasmussen, Hvidt, Johansen, Thygesen. "Depression among 7th Days Adventists and Baptist in Denmark - A Cohort Study." (2014)
Müller, Loetz, Mayr, Petersen, Frick, Beer, Hvidt. "Distress in the context of patient bell calls." European Journal of Oncology Nursing . (2014)
Prinds, Hvidtjørn, Mogensen, Skytthe, Hvidt. "Existential Meaning Among First-Time Full-Term and Preterm Mothers: A Questionnaire Study." The Journal of perinatal & neonatal nursing 28. ISSN: 0893-2190. (2014) P: 271-279
Publication on PubMed 
Hvidtjorn, Petersen, Hjelmborg, Skytthe, Christens. "Health and religiousness across generations." Social Science & Medicine . (2014)
Publication on ResearchGate 
Viftrup, Buus, Hvidt. "Religious Coping during Personal Crisis: A Qualitative Study among Pentecostal Danes." The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion . (2014)
Büssing, Baumann, Hvidt, Koenig, Puchalski et al. "Spirituality and Health (Editorial)." Special Issue of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Vol. 1. (2014)
Loetz, Müller, Mayr, Petersen, Frick, Beer, Hvidt. "The patient bell as an attachment message." European Journal of Cancer Care. (2014)
Müller, Loetz, Mayr, Petersen, Frick, Beer, Hvidt. "What happens when patients ring the bell? – An explorative field study on the attachment-relevant dimension of nurse calls and the subsequent interactions." Journal of Advanced Nursing . (2014)
Viftrup, D. T., N. C. Hvidt & N. Buus. "Spiritually and Religiously Integrated Group Psychotherapy: A Systematic Literature Review." Evidence-Based Comlementary and Alternative Medicine: eCam vol. 2013. (2013)
On-Line Publication 
Thygesen, Dalton, Johansen, Ross, Kessing & Hvidt. "Psychiatric Disease Incidence among Danish Seventh-Day Adventists and Baptists." Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 48, 10. (2013) P: 1583-1590
On-Line Publication 
Loetz, Müller, Frick, Petersen, Hvidt & Mauer. "Attachment Theory and Spirituality - Two Threads Converging in Palliative Care?." Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: eCam vol. 2013. (2013)
On-Line Publication 
Seibaek, L., L. Hounsgaard & N. C. Hvidt. "Secular, Spiritual, and Religious Existential Concerns of Women with Ovarian Cancer During Final Diagnostics and Start of Treatment." Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: eCam vol. 2013. (2013)
On-Line Publication 
Prinds, C., N. C. Hvidt, O. Mogensen & N. Buus. "Making Existential Meaning in Transition to Motherhood - A Scoping Review." Midwifery . (2013)
On-Line Publication 
Büssing, Janko, Baumann, Hvidt & Kopf. "Spiritual Needs among Patients with Chronic Pain Diseases and Cancer Living in a Secular Society." Pain Medicine 14, 9. (2013) P: 1362-1373
On-Line Publication 
Büssing, Hirdes, Baumann, Hvidt & Heusser. "Aspects of Spirituality in Medical Doctors and Their Relation to Specific Views of Illness and Dealing with Their Patients' Individual Situation." Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: eCam vol. 2013. (2013)
On-Line Publication 
Hvidtjorn, Hjelmborg, Skytthe, Christensen & Hvidt. "Religiousness and Religious Coping in a Secular Society: The Gender Perspective." Journal of Religion & Health . (2013)
On-Line Publication 
Hvidtjorn, Petersen, Hjelmborg, Skytthe et al. "Familial Resemblance in Religiousness in a Secular Society: A Twin Study." Twin Research and Human Genetics: the official journal of the International Society for Twin Studies 16, 2. (2013) P: 544-553
On-Line Publication 
Seibæk, Hvidt, Hounsgaard. "Secular, spiritual and religious existential concerns during final diagnostics and first treatment period." Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine . ISSN: 1741-427X. (2013)
Thygesen, Hvidt, Hansen, Hoff, Ross & Johansen. "Cancer Incidence among Danish Seventh-Day Adventists and Baptists." Cancer Epidemiology 36, 6. (2012 (published on-line 19. august)) P: 513-518
On-Line Publication 
la Cour, P., N. H. R. Ausker & N. C. Hvidt. "Six Understandings of the Word ." Archive for the Psychology of Religion 34, 1. (2012) P: 63-81
On-Line Publication 
Buus, Hansen, Huniche, Hvidt, Rostgård et al.. "Fleksibilitet i forskningsprocessen." Nordisk Sygeplejeforskning Vol. 2, Nr. 2. (2012) P: 156-164
Thygesen, Hvidt, Juel, Hoff, Ross & Johansen. "The Danish Religious Societies Health Study." International Journal of Epidemiology 41, 5. (2012 (published on-line 15. June 2011)) P: 1248-1255
On-line publication 
la Cour, Peter and Niels Christian Hvidt. "Research on Meaning-Making and Health in Secular Society: Secular, Spiritual and Religious Existential Orientations." Social Science & Medicine 71, 7. (2010 (published on-line 13. July)) P: 1292-1299
On-Line Publication 
"San Giovanni Rotondo og Padre Pio - et pilgrimssted og dets helgen." Religion - Tidsskrift for Religionslærerforeningen for Gymnasiet og HF Vol. 3. (København, 2010) P: 30-42
"Padre Pio - stigmatiseret præst." Sfinx - Tema: Pilgrimme og pilgrimsrejser vol. 33. (København, 2010) P: 138-143
Description of article 
"Patienters tro på mirakler - en positiv eller negativ ressource?." Tidsskrift for Forskning i Sygdom og Samfund Vol. 12. (Århus, April 2010)
"Lidelsens Religiøse Sprog." Månedsskrift for Praktisk Lægegerning Vol. 2. (Århus, 2010)
On-Line Publication 
Thygesen, Hansen, Ross, Henri-Johannessen, Hvidt, . "Cancer Incidence Among Danish Seventh Day Adventists: Abstract of individual lecture." Psycho-Oncology 18. ISSN: 1057-9249. (2009)
Hvidt, Christensen, Hvidtjørn. "Holdnings- og Værdiundersøgelsen." Det Danske Tvillingeregister, Syddansk Universitet . (2009)
"Patienters tro på mirakler - en positiv eller en negativ ressource?." Omsorg - Nordisk tidsskrift for palliativ medisin Vol. 3, 25. årgang. (Bergen, 2008) P: 41-46
Description of Omsorg 3/2008 
Hoff, Johannessen-Henry, Ross, Hvidt & Johansen. "Religion and reduced cancer risk: what is the explanation? A review." European Journal of Cancer 44, 17. (2008) P: 2573-9
On-line Publication 
"Tro og praksis. Om troens betydning for patienter og sundhedspersonale." Fokus på Kræft og Sygepleje 3, 28. ISSN: 1603-5752. (Århus, 2008) P: 4-12
On-Line Publication 
"Tro og Helbred. En introduktion til et fremvoksende forskningsfelt." Gerontologi 1, 24. (København, 2008) P: 4-7
Special Issue on Faith and Health 
"Tro og praksis. Om troens betydning for patienter og læger i almen praksis." Månedsskrift for Praktisk Lægegerning 85. (København, 2007)
Publikation på 
"Tro og Helbred. Teologiske perspektiver på religiøs ’coping’." Tidsskrift for Forskning i Sygdom og Samfund 6. (Århus, 2007) P: 97-127
Article in PDF 
"Den Religiøse Copings Teologi." Tidsskrift for Sjelesorg 1, 26. (2007)
"Tro og Helbred." PsykiatriInformation . (2004) P: 6-7
"Christian Prophecy and Birgitta of Vadstena." Birgittiana 16. (Napoli, 2003) P: 139-159
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"Helgenkåring, undersøgelse af mirakler og virkning af forbøn." Religion - Tidsskrift for Religionslærerforeningen for Gymnasiet og HF . (Dec. 2002)
"De l'Ancien Testament à l'Eglise." Cahiers d'Edifà 9. (Paris, Printemps 2000) P: 40-55
"Les critères de discernement." Cahiers d'Edifà 9. (Paris, 2000) P: 84-93
"Das Problem der christlichen Prophetie - Niels Christian Hvidt im Gespräch mit Joseph Kardinal Ratzinger.." Communio . (März-April 1999) P: 177-188
Hvidt. "Contemporary Christian Prophecy." Scriptorium - the Harvard Writing Program . (1998)
"Prophecy and Revelation. A Theological Survey on the Problem of Christian Prophecy." Scandinavian Journal of Theology (Studia Theologica) vol. 52, no. 2. (1998) P: 147-161
"Så siger Herren!." TEOL-information, Winter issue. (1998)
"Vassula—a Contemporary Christian Prophet?." Scriptorium, The Harvard Writing School vol. 5. (Harvard Summer School, Summer 1998) P: 19-21
Viftrup, Buus, Hvidt. "Religious Coping in a Religious Minority Group: A Qualitative Study among Pentecostal Danes." Journal of Clinical Psychology . (2014)
Publication on ResearchGate 


Rasmussen. Mennesker, der tror på Gud, lever længere: Niels Christian Hvidt, der er forsker ved Institut for Sundhedstjenesteforskning ved Syddansk Universitet i Odense, er ikke i tvivl: Det, at være troende, kan påvirke din sundhed i positiv retning!. Amen: Magasin om Tro og liv i Roskilde-området. Temanummer om Tro og Sundhed., 2016.
Hvidt, Niels Christian. Profecía Cristiana: La Tradición Post–Bíblica. Quito: Libreria Fiat Voluntas Tua Inc. / Fundaciòn Jesùs de la Misericordia, 2012.
With Elisabeth Assing Hvidt. Kunstens mirakler - Den klassiske kunsts skildring af Bibelens Mirakler . København, 2008.
Description on  Web-presentation with excerpts 
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Christian Prophecy - the Post Biblical Tradition. Oxford / New York: Oxford University Press, 2007.
Publication on Oxford Scholarship Online  Presentation on 
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Mirakler: möten mellan himmel och jord. Örebro: Cordia, 2003.
The Publisher¹s Presentation 
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Mirakler - Møder mellem Himmel og Jord. Copenhagen: Gyldendal, 2001.
On-line Presentation of the book - English  On-line Presentation of the book - Danish 
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The Problem of Christian Prophecy. Extract Publication of Doctoral Thesis. Rome: Pontificia Università Gregoriana, 2001.
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Edited Books:

"Kan Bjerge Flytte Troen?" , Hvidt, N. C. & C. Johansen (Eds.). København: Gyldendal, 2008.
Blog for the book  The Publisher¹s Presentation 
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"Kan Tro Flytte Bjerge? (Does Faith Move Mountains?)" , Johansen, C. & N. C. Hvidt (Eds.). Copenhagen: Gyldendal, 2004.
The Publisher¹s Presentation 
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Book Sections:

"Making Meaning of Meaning-Making Research – the Background of Key Dimensions." in Spirituality in the 21st Century: Conversations, J. L. Hochheimer, J. Fernandez-Goldborough (Eds.). ISBN: 978-1-84888-184-6. Oxfordshire, UK: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2013.
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On-Line Publication 
"Meaning Making and Health in Contemporary European Society." in Religion in Europe Today. Perspectives from Social Sciences, Law, Hermeneutics and Philosophy of Religion, Kurt Appel, Christian Danz & Richard Potz (eds.). Vienna: Vienna University Press, 2012. P: 173-190
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"Theological Perspectives in Religion and Health Research." in Spiritualität und Gesundheit, René Hefti & Jacqueline Bee (Eds.). Bern: Peter Lang, 2012.
La Cour, Peter; Nadja Ausker & Niels C. Hvidt. "What Is the Meaning of the Word 'Spirituality'?." in Spirituality: Theory, Praxis and Pedagogy, Fowler, Martin III, & Hochheimer (Eds.). ISBN: 978-1-84888-091-7. Spirituality in the 21st Century. 2012 (e-pub). P: 31-40
On-Line Publication 
"Patient Belief in Miraculous Healing: Positive or Negative Coping Ressource?." in Cambridge Companion to Miracles, Twelftree, Graham H. (Ed.). Cambridge Companions Collection. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011.
Publisher¹s page 
Hvidt. "Hjælper det at tro på Guds indgriben ved sygdom?." in Hvad i alverden er meningen? Om at leve med kronisk sygdom og handikap, Henriksen, Lisbeth Riisager. Unitas Forlag, 2011. P: 257-268
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Web-presentation and blog 
Hvidt, Niels Christian & Christoffer Johansen. "Indledning." in Kan Bjerge Flytte Troen?, Johansen, C. og N. C. Hvidt (eds.). Copenhagen: Gyldendal, 2008. P: 7-16
Web presentation and blog 
"Patienters tro på mirakler." in Mirakler, Callesen, B. H., S. Grumsen & H. Sko (Eds.). ISBN: 978 87 7934 326 9. Århus: Aarhus Universitetsforlag, 2008. P: 77-92
Description of book (Danish) 
"The Historical Development of the Problem of Evil." in Physics and Cosmology. Scientific Perspectives on the Problem of Natural Evil, Murphy, N., R. J. Russell & W. R. Stoeger (Eds.), Vol. 1:2Vatican City State: Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, Berkeley & Vatican Observatory Publications, 2007. P: 1-34
Presentation on 
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With Christoffer Johansen. "Introduktion." in Kan Tro Flytte Bjerge? (Does Faith Move Mountains?), Johansen, C. & N. C. Hvidt (Eds.). Copenhagen, 2004. P: 7-14
Presentation on 
With Christoffer Johansen. "Moderne fjernforbønsundersøgelser og de spørgsmål, de rejser." in Kan Tro Flytte Bjerge? (Does Faith Move Mountains?), Johansen, C. & N. C. Hvidt (Eds.). Copenhagen, 2004. P: 104-122
Presentation on 
"Tro og Helbred - Teologiske overvejelser." in Kan Tro Flytte Bjerge? (Does Faith Move Mountains?), Johansen, C. & N. C. Hvidt (Eds.). Copenhagen: Gyldendal, 2004. P: 187-210
Presentation on 
"Tro og helbred - Religiøse aspekter." in Kan tro flytte bjerge?, Johansen, C. & N. C. Hvidt (eds.). ISBN: 8702021692. København: Gyldendal, 2004. P: p. 183-207
Presentation on 
"Den Katolske Kirke som diasporakirke i Danmark." in Efter Moden Overvejelse. Sankt Ansgar Kirkes Domkirkejubilæum 1953-2003, Rude, Andreas (Ed.). Sankt Ansgar Kirke, 2003.
"Forord." in Min Engel Daniel. Org.: My Angel Daniel, Copenhagen: Aschehoug, 2003.
Presentation on 
"Medicinske Mirakler og Teologi." in Tryg i Danmark 2003, Frahm, Ole & Trine Heidemann (Eds.). Copenhagen: Tryg i Danmark 2003, 2003.
"Christian prophecy: Actualizing Revelation." in Pax in Virtute, F. Lepore & D. D´Agostino (Eds.). Rome: Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2003. P: 177-196

Magazine Articles:

Hvidt, NC. "Hvorfor åndelig og eksistentiel omsorg?." Helse. (16.10.2017)
Hvidt. "Forholdet mellem tro, eksistens og helbred. Om betydning af tro for helbred og for patienters oplevede sygdomsforløb." Practicus. (København: 2016)
Hvidt. "Placebo, tro og helbred." Månedsskrift for Praktisk Lægegerning. ISSN: 1395-5217. (2015) P: 667-675
"Bliver du sundere af at tro?." Magazinet Humaniora. Forskningsrådet for Kultur og Kommunikation. 4. (København: 01.12.07) P: 24-27
Publication on  Download pdf 
"Teolog på et Sundhedsfagligt Fakultet." IST-Nyt. 8, no. 2. (Odense: 24.04.07) P: 3-5
IST-Nyt 2 2007 
Christensen, Søndergaard, La Cour, Hvidt. "Sygehuse svigter patienters åndelige behov." Sygeplejersken. 5. (2007)
Link 1 
"Prøv alt, hold fast ved det gode." Den Nye Dialog. Nr. 093. (Okt. 2003)
On-line Publication 
"Visita di un gruppo di professori danesi alla P.U.G.." La Gregoriana. (Feb. 2003)
"Les Arbres Mysterieux de Ste. Théodora." Chrétiens Magazine. (15.09.00)
"Pèlerinage aux sources de la foi." Chrétiens Magazine. (15.04.00.)
"La petite Audrey - Le mystère d." Chrétiens Magazine. (15.03.00.)
"Holy Father - be a carpet - Interview with General Abbess Tekla Famiglietti." 30Giorni. (January 2000)
"The Constant Priority of Grace - Interview with Dr. theol. Harding Meyer on the Lutheran-Catholic ." 30Giorni. (February 2000)
"The Miracle of the Holy Fire." True Life in God Magazine. (Dec 2000)
"De grandes réunions aux États-Unis." Chrétiens Magazine. (15.12.99.)
"Céphalonie - le pèlerinage des vipères." Chrétiens Magazine. (15.11.99.)
Publication in Chrétiens Magazine 
"In ipsa fide Christus adest - Interview with the Bishop of Helsinki Eero Huovinen on Justification.." 30Giorni. (June 1999)
"Christianity always carries within it a structure of hope - Interview with Kardinal Ratzinger on Christian Prophecy." 30Giorni, January 1999. Also published fully in Communio, März-April 1999 and partly in Weekendavisen 01.07.00 (Denmark), Nouvel Observateur Catholique 09.01.00 (Canada), Het Ware Leven in God August 1999 (Holland), Stella Maris (Schweiz / Germany), Il Segno (Italy) and other magazines.. (1999-2000)
"La Sainte Flamme de Jérusalem." Chrétiens Magazine. (15.11.98.)
"The Charism of Prophecy in the Church." True Life in God Magazine. (Easter 1998)

Newspaper Articles:

Hvidt. "Bønnens dialog med Gud." Kristeligt Dagblad. ISSN: 0904-6054. (København: 2003)
"Das Heilige Lichtfeuer in Jerusalem." Flensburger Tageblatt. (20.04.03)
"En unaturlig forklaring." Politiken (også bragt på (Copenhagen: 04.06.02)
"Lille Audrey Santos underfulde historie." Kristeligt Dagblad. (01.02.02)
Kristeligt Dagblad¹s On-line Publication 
"Om korsets håp - Niels Christian Hvidt i samtale med kardinal Joseph Ratzinger." St. Olavs Tidning. (2002)
"Mirakler eller ej." Kristeligt Dagblad. (01.02.01.)
"Jubelåret." Weekendavisen. (05.01.01)
Hvidt. "Miraklernes mand." Kristeligt Dagblad. ISSN: 0904-6054. (København: 2001)
"Korsets håb." Weekendavisen. (01.07.00 (Republished 22.04.05))
"The Miracle on Kefalonia." Weekendavisen. (27.08.99)
"The Wonder of Little Audrey." Berlingske Tidende. (08.08.99.)
"Miraklets anatomi." Berlingske Tidende. (20.05.99.)
"Alle holdt af Padre Pio." Kristeligt Dagblad. (03.05.99.)
Hvidt. "Guds Hjælpeløse Redskab." Berlingske Tidende. (1999)
"The Crying Madonna." Berlingske Tidende. (22.08.98.)
"The Miracle of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem - Interview with the Greek-Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, H.B. Diodorus I on the Miracle of the Holy Fire in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.." Berlingske Tidende. (20.08.98.)
On-line Publication 
"Jesu Ligklæde - et umuligt billede." Berlingske Tidende. (15.08.98.)
"Fighting Evil - Feature article on Christian Exorcism." Berlingske Tidende. (14.03.98.)
"The Heart and the Brain - Feature Article on the Relationship between Modern Neurology and the Concept of the Soul. Interview with Dr. John Cornwell and Prof., Dr. Med. Jes Olesen." Berlingske Tidende. (14.03.98.)
Hvidt. "Hjernen og Hjertet: interview med Dr. John Cornwell og Prof., Dr. Med. Jes Olsen." Berlingske Tidende. (1998)
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Hvidt. "Lysunderet i Gravkirken." Berlingske Tidende. ISSN: 0106-4223. (1998)
Hvidt. "Miraklernes tid; Miraklet i troens verden; Videnskabens mirakelsyn." Berlingske Tidende. (København: 1998)
"I kloster for verden." Berlingske Tidende. (06.12.97.)

TV Broadcast:

Niels Christian Hvidt (Idea By, Research Resp.). "Living Miracles." Series: Lene Stæhr & Alec Due. DR 1, DR2, NRK1, NRK2, YLE-TV1 & other.. Zentropa. Copenhagen. 2005. Carsten Holst & Signe Birket-Smith. (2005 (plus subsequent years in different countries)
Presentation of Documentary Project  
Niels Christian Hvidt (About & Research By). "Stigmata." Strix Television / TV3. Stockholm. 16.09.04. Paolo Roberto.
Presentation and clips of the documentary 
Niels Christian Hvidt (Research Responsible). "Doktor Gud." Danmarks Radio DR 1 & DR2 + other primary TV stations in Scandinavia. Aarhus. 2003. Vagn Olsen & Lis Kildegaard. (2004)
Presentations of programs on  Presentation of Programs on IMDb 

Radio Broadcast:

"Mirakler." Series: Lars von Trier. Lars von Triers Univers. Copenhagen. June 2007. (2007)
Lars von Triers Univers (login required) 
"Danish Programs on Various Subjects." Scandinavian Section of Vatican Radio. Vatican Radio. Vatican City. 2001-2002. (2001-2002)
Presentation of Programs 

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