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Protestants and Catholics in Dialogue
Autumn 2002
Niels Christian Hvidt

The Protestant-Catholic dialogue may well be the one that has seen the greatest theological development in the last thirty years. Once it was a sin for a Catholic to enter a Protestant church. Today Catholics consider Protestants sincere partners in serving the Gospel, and dialogue statements such as the Joint Declaration have become true professions of common faith. For a diversified image of the present ecumenical situation, this course offers a brief overview of the historic motifs that led to both the Reformation and the Counter reformation. We will then evaluate the achieved agreements as well as offer an introduction to the remaining stumbling blocks on the road towards unity between Protestants and Catholics. Students will develop their knowledge of the dialogue through the reading of theological evaluations and dialogue documents.


Meyer, Harding
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Centro Internazionale Brigidino di Farfa. Simposio ecumenico (01: 1995 : Farfa)
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Strategies for Reception:
Perspectives on the reception of documents emerging from the Lutheran-Catholic International Dialogue / Lutheran World Federation. - Geneva : Lutheran World Federation, 1991.


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